Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

Do you want to look more beautiful? Cleopatra’s beauty secrets here. And all using natural ingredients.

Beautiful skin and beautiful face is the dream of all women.Sometimes we often hear the beauty of women is often associatedwith ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra ruler. Many secrets ofCleopatra who used to date in body treatments.

Cleopatra’s beautiful skin is the main attraction. For women beauty recipes ala Cleopatra is still believed to create the perfect beautifulskin. What are the treatment of Cleopatra who made ​​long ago? This is it!

1. aloe vera
It is said that Cleopatra often gently massage the skin with aloe vera.Contained in the gel of Aloe vera contains an emollient, which is beneficial for skin tightening.

2. coconut
Gentle massage with coconut oil will give a glowing skin. Coconut oilabsorb into the skin quickly and is very fitting to avoid wrinkles.

3. cucumber
Sliced ​​cucumbers has long been believed to facial treatments.Foods that have high water content is good for the skin and helpsprevent wrinkles. By putting slices of cucumber on top of the face willcontribute greatly to the skin.

4. rubbing the skin
Rubbing the skin with a circular motion when you take a shower willremove dead skin cells on the skin. Moreover in this way serves toimprove blood circulation, so it’s good for skin health and beauty.
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